What information do I need to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits?

What Information Do I Need to Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits?

Whether you apply for benefits online or visit a Social Security field office, you’ll need to gather and have available a number of documents to complete the application. They include:

  • Filling up social security disability claim from.Filling up social security disability claim from.all medical records in your possession
  • worker’s compensation payment information, including date of injury, claim number and settlement agreement
  • names and birth dates of spouse and minor children
  • dates of marriages and divorces
  • information about military service
  • checking account or savings account number for direct deposit of benefit checks
  • employment work history information, types of jobs you had in the 15 years before you became disabled and dates you held those jobs

If you have the information available, you should expect the initial application process to take an hour.