“The most valuable lesson I’ve learned since practicing law, is to read everything twice and then…read it again.”

John C. Friedberg is a rare gem of an attorney, born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. He has a large variety of experience and has had found a home fighting for those who need a strong voice after stints doing general civil litigation and spending time as an assistant attorney general with the State of Colorado

Mr. Friedberg has extensive experience working in litigation and negotiating settlements for clients. prescribed. While he has spent time in several different areas of law, John now spends his time with the Sawaya Law Firm assisting victims in personal injury cases.

John enjoys spending time with his wife Kimberly and his best buddy & dog Ollie. He likes to remain active by being an avid skier, cyclist and hiker. John’s favorite sport is football, so you can imagine his excitement when he experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity by winning tickets to Super Bowl 44 from an NFL trivia contest.

Mr. Friedberg enjoys helping people and has a strong passion for making sure that those who need help receive his best efforts. In fact, a major part of his motivation for learning so many diverse areas of law, and excelling at them, has been the ability to help people in an equally diverse number of situations.