TV Ads

The Sawaya Law Firm has been advertising our services to our clients for the last three years. It has been our vision to rise above the stereotype of the “TV Attorney” and provide a much needed level of credibility and class to legal advertising in Denver and Greeley. View our spots and give us your feedback. We are constantly striving to improve our message to the public.

Click on the links below to view the spots, if you need to download a free video player, your computer will prompt you to do so.


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SL 115 AA Thinkingwindowsmedialogoquicktimelogo
SL 119 IM Preeminent Lawyerwindowsmedialogoquicktimelogo
SL 103 AA Don’t Be Fooledwindowsmedialogoquicktimelogo
SL 105 AA Choose Experiencewindowsmedialogoquicktimelogo
SL 116 WC Can’t Workwindowsmedialogoquicktimelogo