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Although we cannot guarantee any similar results in any of our future cases, here are a few of the more dramatic stories from clients that we’ve been honored to represent

Our client was walking across the street when an inattentive driver made a left turn and hit her. She had to have emergency brain surgery, which fortunately was successful. She stayed in the hospital for one month before going to rehab. We managed to recover $2.5 million dollars.

Pedestrian Hit by Inattentive Driver - $2.5 Million Recovered

The Sawaya Law Firm helped a client recover $750,000 after a serious fall down a flight of stairs at work. The stairs were wet, and there were no signs warning workers of the danger. The man slipped and fell, causing serious neck and back injuries.

Wet Floor Results in Serious Workplace Injury — $750,000 Recovered

Our client was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler while stopped in a traffic jam. He suffered a concussion, neck problems, and back problems. He also had to miss time from work. Our lawyers were able recover $285,000 for him.

18-Wheeler Rear-Ends Driver — $285,000 Recovered

The Sawaya Law Firm represented a young passenger who was unfortunately not wearing a seatbelt when the vehicle she was in crashed. She suffered a broken leg, neck, back, and a concussion. She had to endure months of surgeries and rehabilitation. We were able to recover $875,000 for her.

Passenger Severely Injured in Crash — $875,000 Recovered

The Sawaya Law Firm helped a crash victim recover $1 million after a rear-end accident left him with serious injuries to his elbow, back and neck.

Rear-End Crash Causes Multiple Injuries - $1 Million Recovered

Our client was walking from her Lakewood apartment complex to her car in the morning and fell on a patch of ice, suffering physical injuries and a traumatic brain injury.  The sidewalk at the complex cut across a slope and melted snow caused an unnatural accumulation of ice on the sidewalk.  After a long road to recovery from her brain injury, our client regained most, if not all, of her mental abilities - but it was not an easy journey.  Following extensive investigation and litigation, we were able to settle the case for $75,000.

Slip and Fall – $75,000 Recovered

We stood up for the rights of a worker who was helping to move cars around at a rail yard, when he was crushed in an auto loader that had been improperly repaired. The man suffered severe stomach problems and psychological issues, but the company refused to pay more than $20,000 for damages, saying there was nothing wrong with the auto loader. The Sawaya Law Firm helped the victim recover $330,000 from the repair company.

Worker Seriously Injured in Rail Yard — $330,000 Recovered

The Sawaya Law Firm came to the aid of a woman who suffered neck, shoulder, and lower back injuries during a rear-end accident on I-225. She had incurred about $50,000 in medical bills, but the insurance company refused to pay fair compensation. Our firm took her case to trial and recovered $286,000.

Rear-End Accident on I-225 — $286,000 Recovered

Our client, an elderly gentleman, was rear-ended while driving home from a doctor’s appointment. He began having neck, back, shoulder, and heart issues immediately after the collision, and eventually he accumulated $200,000 in medical bills. Although the defendant paid the policy limit of $25,000, the man’s own insurance company refused to pay more than $50,000. Therefore, our firm represented the man in court and recovered $701,295.33 from his insurance company.

Verdict Against Client’s Auto Insurance Company — $701,295.33 Recovered

The Sawaya Law Firm recovered damages for the driver of an 18-wheeler who was side-swiped by a van in Las Vegas. The truck driver suffered neck and back injuries that affected his ability to drive a truck for a living. The firm recovered $540,000 for him.

Truck Driver Side-Swiped by Van - $540,000 Recovered

Our client suffered neck and back injuries when he was rear-ended by a shuttle van. After extensive treatment, our client had medical bills of $80,000, but the insurance company offered him only $15,000 to settle. Our firm took his case to trial and recovered $275,409 for him.

Positive Verdict in Shuttle Van Crash — $275,409 Recovered

This case arose out of fatal car collision, where our client fractured both of her knee caps.  Our client also injured her face, mouth, neck, back, shoulder, and ankle.  Our client also had severe post-traumatic stress as a result of being involved in such a violent crash that resulted in the death of another person.  Despite working very hard on her treatment and therapy, her recovery lasted over three years.  The case was tried to a jury in Weld County, and our client was compensated over $150,000.

Fatal Collision Survivor – $150,000 Recovered

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