Top Five Roads for Motorcyclists in Colorado

Top 5 Roads for Motorcyclists in Colorado, Mount Evans Scenic and Historic Byway

With all the natural beauty Colorado has to offer, it’s no wonder many people like to ride their motorcycles to take in the scenery. Motorcycles let you feel the wind in your face and put you closer to the outdoors while enjoying the exhilaration and speed that comes with these powerful vehicles.

As motorcycle accident attorneys, The Sawaya Law Firm understands the appeal of a scenic ride and the importance of driving safely. Read on to learn about top five roads to ride in Colorado.

Best Roads for a Motorcycle Ride in Colorado

The Mount Evans Scenic and Historic Byway: When John Denver wrote “Rocky Mountain High,” he could well have been talking about this high-altitude roadway in Colorado. Beginning in the historic mining town of Idaho Springs, Mount Evans Road begins with groves of pine trees at the start before giving way to gorgeous, jagged mountain peaks as you reach a height of 14,000 feet above sea level.

Mount Evans Road is the highest paved road in North America, giving you spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains as well as opportunities to see bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and other wildlife.

Just be careful as you ride, as the guardrails disappear at high altitudes, making tight turns somewhat treacherous. The distance is 28 miles one-way and typically takes about an hour, making it a perfect ride for a spontaneous weekend afternoon outing. If you’re looking to unwind after your ride, you can stop at the natural hot springs pool at Indian Springs Resort.

Trail Ridge Road Scenic and Historic Byway: Rocky Mountain National Park is massive and offers all kinds of wildlife and other natural wonders to see. The problem is it’s so big that it’s hard to really capture the scope of it in a quick manner, unless you have a motorcycle.

Motorcyclists can get a good sample of what Rocky Mountain National Park has to offer by traveling the Trail Ridge Road Scenic and Historic Byway from Estes Park to Grand Lake. The journey covers 48 miles over two to three hours and will take you over the Continental Divide at heights over 12,000 feet. You’ll enjoy incredible views of rugged mountain peaks, groves of trees, and wildlife such as bighorn sheep, elk, and even moose. The trail is only open from May to October because of heavy snowfall that can block the two-lane road later in the year.

If you’re the type who’s interested in Hollywood spooky stories, you can visit the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, which was the inspiration for the Overlook Hotel in Stephen King’s “The Shining.” Those interested in taking a slightly different — but equally scenic — route back home can travel the Peak to Peak Highway from Estes Park to Nederland, Central City, and Black Hawk.

Santa Fe Trail Scenic and Historic Byway: The Santa Fe Trail once guided settlers and pioneers over hundreds of miles as they looked to settle in the Western Frontier. The pioneer days may be gone, but the Santa Fe Trail is still in use and makes for an excellent motorcycle day trip.

Beginning in Trinidad just across the New Mexico-Colorado border and traveling about 180 miles north to Lamar, the Santa Fe Trail takes you through a long slice of historic, beautiful Colorado. While this is a longer ride, it’s relatively straight and easy. You’ll enjoy spectacular views of Colorado scenery and wildlife, especially once you reach the Comanche National Grassland.

This park offers a good approximation of what the untamed plains looked like to the first pioneers, and you may spy falcons, hawks, antelope, songbirds, and other wild creatures. At about the halfway point, pull off the road to stop at Bent’s Old Fort, which was built in the 1830s and has been rebuilt to offer a taste of pioneer life for visitors as a National Historic Site.

San Juan Skyway Scenic and Historic Byway: Have you ever traversed multiple mountain passes over 11,000 feet high on the same ride? You can if you take a ride along the San Juan Skyway in southwest Colorado.

This 236-mile loop takes you through a number of historic mining towns and offers some of the best views of Colorado’s San Juan Mountains. A portion of the route known as the “Million Dollar Highway” offers majestic vistas of Mount Wilson, Mount Eolus, and Mount Sneffels, which are some of the highest peaks in the United States.

You’ll also pass through Mesa Verde National Park, which offers some of the best-preserved ruins of ancestral Pueblo Indian settlements. You’ll also see plenty of wildlife as you traverse the mountain peaks.

Unaweep/Tabeguache Scenic Byway: This scenic roadway winds its way through a canyon for much of its length as it follows the Dolores and San Miguel rivers. You’ll experience pristine views of smooth sandstone walls, old aqueduct systems, and desert wildlife as you follow the 133-mile path for about three hours.

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