Capturing The Colorado Vibe

The Colorado Vibe Podcast episode 2

Today we talk about the capturing and recording the vibes of Colorado, with musician, audio engineer, and Grammy-winning producer, Kyle Jones, of Sleeping Brotherhood Studios, in Five Points, Denver.

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That sound you hear, is a tape machine, in the corner of a cluttered menagerie of musical instruments, consoles, slides, buttons and knobs, nestled in an expanded garage in the Sleeping Brotherhood Music Studios, on the outskirts of the Five Points neighborhood in Denver, Colorado, and that tape, is in the RECORD POSITION!

When it comes to capturing & delivering sound and vibrations, music producers and audio engineers are the midwives of music. 

Whether it’s Geroge Martin producing the Beatles, or Quincy Jones producing Michael Jackson, or Emily Lazar working with Sonic Youth & FooFighters – when it comes to groundbreaking, memorable, moments in Wetsern music – the people behind the recording console, may be just as important as the people in the recording booth.

Music isn’t just sound, it’s emotion, there’s always a story to the riffs and lines and melodies that take us to romantic heights and plummet us into caverns of melancholy, and we get to hear and experience those different elevations of emotion, all in a controlled environment.

And so the engineer is controlling the levels, they are the person mixing the drinks, the person cooking up the food, they are hosting this celebration of life. And if their hosting skills are shabby, and expectations aren’t met or exceeded, the party is lame, so the album or CD or mp3 or Soundcloud link is lame, which makes everything else, kinda lame too.

So what is authentic sound? What is the difference between a full church organ on an iPad, and a small Wurlitzer in a church basement, why is the sound of blue sky a part of our lasting contribution to American music, and how can the experimental feel of culture in Colorado, guide our paths forward, in music, art, and life?

That’s what we’re talking about – and this, is The Colorado Vibe.