Meet an Attorney - Michael Reinhardt

What do you like most about being a lawyer, and least?

A: I am proud to help individuals and families in navigating truly difficult situations. The cases I handle relate to serious injury, so these individuals need more than just legal advice – they need someone to guide them through the process with a high level of sensitivity. I am able to support my clients and fight for the compensation they are rightfully owed, this is what I enjoy the most about being a lawyer. On occasion there are times where not as much as expected can be done for a client due to the facts of his or her case making these situations what I enjoy least about my profession.

What question do you hear most frequently from clients?

A: The question I hear most frequently from clients is “what is my case worth?”

Many people who need the help of a personal injury lawyer are going through extremely difficult periods of their lives. What words of support do you offer to people in this situation?

A: Recovery can take a long time. Be patient. Be honest. Be real.

Many clients do not have a sense of the value of their case. What advice do you have to help a client decide whether a settlement offer is a reasonable offer?

A: It is very important to understand the general and special damages in each case. From clear cut numbers and objective findings to subjective interpretations and pain and suffering, there are several things to be aware of when considering whether a settlement offer is reasonable. At the end of the day, an offer is reasonable if the client thinks it is. That is why it is crucial to have an attorney involved in the process.

What motivated you to become a lawyer?

A: My motivation to become a lawyer stems from my own personal experiences. There is nothing worse than being in between a rock and a hard place with no one to advocate for you. Having somebody treat you as just a number is not right, they should know who you are and what you have been through. That is why I became a lawyer.

How is being a lawyer different than what you expected before joining the profession?

A: Being a lawyer is more interesting than I expected before joining the profession. Each case is unique and requires different strategies to obtain a successful outcome.

What is an interesting fact about you that someone would not learn from looking at your resume?

A: Back in the day, I used to have a classic 1968 Ford Mustang. It was candy apple red and had an inline 6 engine with a 3 speed transmission. One drawback of a classic car is the lack of A/C. My alternative for A/C during the summer, was cruising around with the windows down and hoping traffic lights would stay green. An opportunity came along for me to live in New Zealand for a while, so I decided to sell my Mustang for extra cash. It was a difficult decision to make; however, in retrospect it was the right one for me.

Who do you most admire and why?

A: That’s a difficult question. There are so many people I admire on an equal basis. Each person I admire has a unique story to tell, and it is invigorating to know how he or she dealt with his or her adversity and ultimately persevered. I admire those who take responsibility in situations and advocate for themselves appropriately.

You work hard as a lawyer during the week. What is your favorite thing to do to relax on the weekends?

A: My favorite thing to do to relax on the weekends is to reconnect with friends and family wherever and whenever an opportunity presents itself.

Who was your favorite lawyer on television and why?

A: There are a few for me. Specifically, my favorite lawyers on television are Denny Crane from Boston Legal and Rafael Barba from Law & Order: SVU. Denny is outrageously delightful with his unique quirks and notorious reputation. Barba is brilliant because he will put the pressure on whomever (arresting officers, victims, etc.) he needs to win the case. Those are my favorite lawyers on television.


Michael established The Sawaya Law Firm in 1977 and built it into one of the largest personal injury law firms in Colorado, with more than 20 lawyers and 80 staff members serving clients from five offices located in Denver, Greeley and Colorado Springs. Throughout its history, the firm has stayed true to its 12 Core Values, which emphasize excellence in advocacy and a commitment to providing outstanding client service. Michael studied sociology and economics as an undergraduate student at The Colorado College, and he earned his law degree from the Texas Tech University School of Law. In addition to being involved in several legal and community organizations, Michael enjoys playing music and cooking, and he has written a book on spiritual matters.