Sawaya Law Firm is Filing Wage Claims for Broadmoor Servers

If you were a server at the Broadmoor Hotel and were not paid all of the tips, overtime, and/or other wages you were owed, you should act immediately to protect your legal rights.

You may have heard that our firm has filed two lawsuits and other proceedings on behalf of Broadmoor servers. In those lawsuits our clients have claimed that Broadmoor:

  1. illegally took tips, which it labeled as “service charges,” from its servers;
  2. paid servers less than the Colorado minimum wage, which is currently $12.00 per hour;
  3. failed to pay overtime compensation for the hours servers worked over 40 per week and/or 12 per day; and
  4.  failed to provide servers with paid 10-minute rest breaks for every four hours the servers worked.

Unfortunately, our clients and other Broadmoor servers cannot proceed as a class action because of arbitration agreements the Broadmoor required them to sign. As a result, we have re-filed our clients’ claims in individual arbitrations, and we are prepared to do the same for other Broadmoor employees who have the same or similar claims.

Please note that under Colorado and federal law, wage claims must be filed within two years (or three years if the violations are proven to be “willful). Therefore, any Broadmoor employee who was not paid all of the wages that were due to him or her must take immediate action to file a claim before his or her rights expire. For every day an employee delays or waits to make a claim for improperly withheld tips, overtime, or other wages a day of those wages is lost forever as a remedy because the statutes of limitation only reach back for a set period before the making of the claim.

In some instances you may think the longer you wait to join a class action, the better the results or information provided. However, in this case every day you wait to make your claim will reduce the Broadmoor’s obligation to compensate you for your hard work and rightfully earned wages! With that in mind we urge you to contact us and join us in bringing the Broadmoor to justice!

If you have any questions or wish to take action against the Broadmoor please contact us at 303.839.1650, extension 1077 or email to talk to our Wage and Hour team.


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