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Colorado Veterans Disability Benefits

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When you serve in the military, the country promises you that you’ll be supported if you’re injured in the course of your service. A job in the military is just that, a job, but it’s one that comes with unique risks and important benefits. Unfortunately, many service members discover that getting those benefits is more difficult than it should be. 

In Colorado, there are specific benefits for residents who have received a service-related disability rating. Some of them are surprising. For example, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife will issue you a free lifetime small game hunting and fishing license (VA Combo License) if you’re rating is at least 60%. You can get a break on your state income taxes and on your property taxes. All of these veterans disability benefits in Colorado rely on your official disability rating. 

As you no doubt know, getting the disability rating you deserve is more difficult than just filling out a form. Recently, the federal government has instituted a series of reforms that were supposed to make getting and appealing your disability rating easier. But it’s still incredibly complicated. 

If you need disability benefits because of your service-related injury, our experienced lawyers can help you navigate the United States Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) bureaucracy and get the support you need.  Contact The Sawaya Law Firm now for a free consultation.

What Disability Benefits Are Available for Veterans?

You can receive a range of veterans benefits if you were injured during your military service. The most important one to most veterans is monthly financial support. The military created a website with a full list of the benefits for veterans living in Colorado. 

You may be able to get state tax benefits, a property tax exemption, preferential hiring, unemployment compensation, and tuition assistance. Many of these benefits require you to apply separately with the state, but only after you have a documented disability rating from the VA.  

What Is the Process for Receiving Veterans Disability Benefits?

You may fill out an application online, send it in the mail, or apply in person. In all cases, first you need to find out if you’re eligible. Here are the eligibility requirements:

  • You served in the military (active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training).
  • You have a disability rating.
  • You were injured or got sick in service, a preexisting illness or injury got worse during your service, or an illness or injury appeared after active duty service related to your service.

If all of these are true, you should be eligible for monthly disability benefits. 

How Long Can I Receive Disability Benefits?

The length of your disability benefits in Colorado will depend on your illness or injury. 

Unless you are totally and permanently disabled, the VA may reassess your disability based on the presumption that your illness or injury will heal. At that time, you will have an opportunity to prove how your injury continues to affect you. 

However, if you have a total and permanent disability, you may be able to receive significant support for life. 

If you think your disability rating has been lowered unfairly, a lawyer can help document the facts of your case so that you have the best chance of a successful appeal. 

Is There A Cap on the Amount of Money You Can Receive for Disability Benefits?

The VA determines disability support payments. You can check the VA website to see the full range of current VA disability compensation rates. 

Your payment will change based on your disability rating, whether you are married, and whether you have any dependents. 

For example, in 2020, you would receive $1,426.17 a month if you have a 70% disability rating and are single with no children. If you’re married with two children, you receive $1,741.17. 

Someone with a lower rating will receive less, and someone with a higher rating will receive more.  

Can You Appeal a Denial of Veteran’s Disability Benefits?

If you received a rating that you think is too low or if the VA denied your benefits altogether, you can appeal that decision. There are several different appeal options, each of which has benefits and drawbacks. 

You can file a Supplemental Claim, you can choose a Higher-Level Review, and you can start a Board Appeal. The VA has published a comprehensive guide to these options. However, many vets find out appealing their disability benefit decision is more difficult than the website makes it seem. 

At The Sawaya Law Firm, we have over 40 years of experience helping injured and disabled people in Colorado. The first thing we can do for you is evaluate your existing claim and identify the evidence you may have left out. 

For example, the VA may decide that your disability is not related to your service. We may ask you to contact a fellow service member who can corroborate your experience, so that we can document how your PTSD or other illness resulted from your time in the military. We can tell if you missed a part of the form you should have filled out, or if there’s some other service record you need to request and file with the VA.

Most importantly, we can evaluate your case and advise you which appeal option will benefit you most. You don’t want to go through an appeal process only to find out that the other option would have taken less time and resulted in the same payout. 

It’s important to have an experienced team behind you. After all of your sacrifices, you and your family deserve the full benefits allowed under the law. With the help of The Sawaya Law Firm, you can maximize your VA disability benefits. 

Contact The Sawaya Law Firm for Disability Benefits Help

If you need VA disability benefits in Colorado, don’t try to wade through the VA appeals process on your own. Choose an experienced, qualified VA disability attorney who can cut through the red tape for you. 

The Colorado VA disability lawyers at The Sawaya Law Firm will never charge you unless you get a favorable decision. Call us today for a free consultation. 


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