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How Long Does It Take to Get an SSI Decision?

The length of time it taking to receive an initial decision on a disability application varies by state, the complexity of the claim and the number of people applying for benefits. In Colorado, the average time it takes to process an initial application for disability averages about 73 days in Colorado, and appeals can add extra months to the process. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a disability benefit based on financial need to cover basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter. You must have a medical disability and very limited income and financial assets to be eligible for SSI. Many disabled people who have qualifying medical conditions are denied benefits initially and have to go through the appeals process, which extends the length of time it takes to get a decision.

If you have a medically diagnosed disability and very limited income and assets, you may qualify for SSI benefits. The Colorado social security disability attorneys at The Sawaya Law Firm are here to guide you through the process if we believe you meet the criteria. We assist people in Denver, Greeley and throughout Northeastern Colorado in applying for disability benefits. Our Supplemental Security Income lawyers have assisted many Coloradans who were in difficult circumstances pursue full SSI benefits. Attorney Mike Sawaya and The Sawaya Law Firm have established a proud Heritage of Justice by standing up for the rights for many disabled Coloradans in 40 years of legal practice. Call a Colorado personal injury attorney today for a free review of your SSI claim and information about how we may help you pursue government financial assistance.

How Long Does It Take To Get Social Security Disability Once Approved?

We understand that you want to receive SSI benefits as soon as possible after winning the approval of disability benefits. It always takes longer than you would wish.

If you qualify for SSI, your benefits will typically start in the first full month after you receive approval. For example, if you are approved for benefits on May 1, then you will start receiving benefits on June 1. But it typically takes a couple of months for the Social Security payment processing center to start issuing checks to you.

You will be paid from the effective date of your application and will receive a lump sum check covering any back benefits owed to you.

If you have been diagnosed with a disability, it is important to apply as soon as possible because the Social Security Administration will not generally pay SSI benefits for any period of time that you were disabled before you applied for benefits.

How Long Does It Take To Get Social Security Disability With The Assistance Of A Lawyer?

You have a right to have a lawyer represent you when applying for SSI benefits. A lawyer can help you avoid common errors that lead to unnecessary delays when applying for disability benefits. Some mistakes can set back the approval of benefits by months and require multiple appeals.

Many applicants for disability benefits are turned down because their applications lack adequate medical evidence supporting the disability claim or the applications have incomplete financial information. This may prompt claims reviewers to ask for more information and create lengthy delays in securing disability benefits. To qualify for SSI benefits, you do not need to show employment history, but you must demonstrate financial need and have few assets.

A knowledgeable lawyer can help you submit the strongest possible application initially to keep your claim on track and improve your chances of receiving approval of benefits in the early stages. Our attorneys will complete forms and stay on top of getting needed medical evidence submitted promptly for review. Much of the time it takes Disability Determination Services, a state agency charged with making disability decision, to complete a review of a disability application involves waiting for medical reports and forms.

Some delays are caused by an applicant’s lack of understanding of the appeals process and the multiple levels of appeals.

If you have received a denial letter, an experienced disability lawyer at The Sawaya Law Firm can help you see a doctor for a second opinion and gather additional medical evidence supporting your claim.

A knowledgeable attorney can help you appeal a decision and gather all the information the federal government needs to approve your application for benefits if you meet the criteria.

AttorneyIf an administrative law judge has been assigned to your case, an attorney may request an on-the-record review of your file, if you have strong medical evidence, or your medical condition has deteriorated significantly. An on-the-record review can allow your claim to be approved without a hearing and reduce the time required. But it requires compelling medical evidence to support the claim.

If you proceed to the hearing and your case is heard by an administrative law judge, it typically takes six to eight weeks for the judge to issue a decision.

Talk To An Experienced Denver SSI Lawyer

Our knowledgeable disability attorneys at The Sawaya Law Firm have handled thousands of disability claims in Denver and Northeastern Colorado. The application process can be drawn out and confusing to those who are facing it for the first time. We understand the requirements that SSI applicants must meet to qualify for benefits. It helps to have the assistance of a knowledgeable SSI attorney to lead you through the application and appeals process. A Denver SSD lawyer at The Sawaya Law Firm can stand beside you at hearings before administrative law judges. We can help you present a compelling case that your disabling condition had left you unable to work.

To learn more about how an experienced Colorado disability attorney can guide you through the disability process and help you present the strongest possible case for benefits, please call The Sawaya Law Firm to schedule a free initial consultation. We will review your case and evaluate your qualifications for disability benefits at no charge.