Loriira Binowitz

Sawaya Value Award September RESPONSIBILITY Winner Lorii Rabinowitz

Lorii’s effervescent passion for giving is a true inspiration. She is, to the bone, a generous soul. Part of Lorii’s wonderful personality, is her tremendous optimism, which positively impacts individuals and organizations who have the pleasure of working with her. Lorii is the embodiment of “hope,” as her commitment to community service and supporting the underserved is very deep, and her passion encourages all those around her to believe that, they too, can make a difference in their local community. She equally gives to all aspects of her work and has been known on occasion (at least four days a week) to work at least a fourteen hour day with a smile on the entire day. Even among all the incredibly dedicated supporters and champions of Project Angel Heart, Lorii is a shining light who manages to keep her myriad passions constantly at the forefront of her mind, somehow making time where there is none to champion her causes. Just as she will profess to be inspired by the energy and positive actions of her friends and colleagues, Lorii herself is a true inspiration and model for creating a life of purpose and meaning through a seamless and boundless dedication to her work and to our community in general.

Lorii is tremendously accomplished yet under-recognized in terms of formal awards. Being recognized by Sawaya for her tremendous contributions to Project Angel Heart and the clients we serve is beyond-deserved and something she would relish.

Lorii is an impassioned and tireless volunteer for Project Angel Heart. After spending her father’s last weeks with him and ensuring his nutritional needs were met when he was dying of leukemia, she learned firsthand the importance of Project Angel Heart’s home-delivered meals for people coping with life-threatening illness. Lorii has served on Project Angel Heart’s Board of Directors since 2006 and currently serves as Secretary. In addition to that commitment, she has taken on the enormous responsibility of chairing Project Angel Heart’s capital campaign, which endeavors to raise $7 million for a new home that will enable the organization to eventually more than quadruple the number of clients it is now serving. Lorii is an avid and devoted advocate for Project Angel Heart who speaks from the heart to every audience she encounters. With her at the helm of the campaign, success is inevitable.

Lorii also makes the time to regularly deliver meals for Project Angel Heart, deriving inspiration from those served by the agency.

Outside of Project Angel Heart, Lorii is an Appointee of the Denver Drug Strategy Commission, a member of the Media Advisory Council for the Downtown Denver Partnership and a volunteer with Urban Peak. Recent volunteerism also includes positions with the Rocky Mountain Arthritis Foundation, Goodwill Youth Mentorship Program, Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the American Heart Association.

Lorri endeavors every day, to make her local community a much more hopeful and positive place to live.

As chair of Project Angel Heart’s capital campaign, Lorii took the extra initiative to share a dialogue with Project Angel Heart staff members about the campaign’s plans and progress. At the meeting, Lorii first acknowledged that Project Angel Heart is only able to achieve the level of success it has because of the dedication and talent of its staff. She then shared the fundraising strategy, goals and timeline of the campaign. She talked openly and candidly about the challenges of raising $7 million, but also shared that she knew the agency would meet the goal. She then encouraged honest feedback and ideas from staff members and let them know that the Capital Campaign committee and Project Angel Heart leadership sincerely valued staff input. She empowered staff to get involved and excited and let them know she was always available to discuss ideas and concerns alike.

Her infectious positive energy, strong leadership and passion for Project’s Angel’s mission, made it abundantly clear to staff, that progressive growth was happening, challenging goals were being met and that members of Project Angel Heart staff and board were all a part of something very special and important.

Lorii has served as Business Development Manager for The Networks of 9NEWS since 2005 and has been with the station since 2003. Her primary role at the Networks of 9NEWS is generation of new business with out-of-the-box, customized programs and implementations and provision of training for the business development staff. Lorii also serves as a liaison to all KUSA/KTVD departments and creates third party sponsorship packages for community events. She is adept at pairing nonprofits and for-profit partners for mutual benefit and brainstorming and implementing projects that benefit 9NEWS as well as our community. She prides herself on, and is adeptly skilled at, being a connector of people and organizations. Key projects developed and launched with Lorii’s sole or collective leadership include Senior Source, Explore Colorado, Parents Are The Power, Colorado & Company, Metromix.com, Metromix.com TV and Momslikeme.com. At work, as in the rest of her life, Lorii is an achiever. She sets goals high, amazingly and continually reaches them, and inspires others along the way.

Lorii is a member of the 2011 class of Leadership Denver and is a graduate of the Gannett Leadership Program, class of 2010. She was also a Gannett Chairman’s Award Winner in 2009.