Sylvia Angell

Sawaya Value Award September INTEGRITY Winner Sylvia Angell

Sylvia Angell best exemplifies the values of service and hope. Sylvia has been a volunteer with the Rocky Mountain MS Center for over 20 years. She served as Chairman of the Board of the MS Society of Denver, which was the organization responsible for conducting a needs assessment that led to the development of a specialized adult day program for people with neurological illnesses and disorders (now known as the King Adult Day Enrichment Program – KADEP). She led the organization through the early research and development phases of the program, and then successfully negotiated a merger with the Rocky Mountain MS Center-in order to assure the program would survive.

She has more recently, significantly reengaged with the KADEP program, initially serving as a program volunteer, then agreeing to service on the Rocky Mountain MS Center Board of Directors, and has chaired the committee that oversees KADEP. She initiated a new concept – KADEP Enterprise – in which the clients have been given the opportunity to develop business ventures to help meet the funding gap that the program experiences.

The benefits experienced by the clients are outstanding – including increased self esteem, confidence, and finding new purpose in their lives. She is currently leading an ad hoc committee of the Board to develop a master plan for our newly acquired facility in Westminster.

She consistently brings a passion and unmatched energy for continuing the growth and improvement of the services provided by the Rocky Mountain MS Center. As both a volunteer and family member of a participant of the day program, she has a personal passion for service. She continues to devote hours of direct service and planning to the MS Center. Sylvia is highly deserving of a Sawaya Values Award.