Tom Raynes

Sawaya Values Award October JUSTICE Winner Thomas (Tom) Raynes

Tom has been tireless in training Colorado’s district attorneys in upholding justice in our state. He is currently the Executive Director of the Colorado District Attorneys Council. He has spent many hours outside his assigned duties to promote good justice practices in Colorado and collaborates with other states as well.

He is the former Chief at the Attorney General’s office and took this new position as a way to help develop better practices in all the District Attorneys offices throughout the state. He is involved with the Colorado Area Industry Government Administration which is a liaison between major industry and legislative and legal councils within Colorado government. He was appointed First Assistant Attorney General for Special Prosecutions, and spearheading a no drinking and driving campaign.

As part of the Sawaya Values Award, The Sawaya Law Firm is making a $250 donation to Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center in Thomas Raynes’ name.

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