Paul Lopez

Sawaya Values Award November TRUTH Winner Paul Lopez

Month: November
Value: Truth
Recipient: Paul Lopez

Paul Lopez, is just now entering his second term in Council District #3…West Denver which needs all the honor for a better future it can receive. Paul came to the area with a background in union organizing in which he fought for the best wage and benefits that hard working people deserve. The neighborhood organization, Concerned Citizens for Barnum, has been fighting potential liquor licenses for decades. Councilman Lopez has helped them with the ‘no need/no desire’ of any more liquor outlets in the neighborhood. Examples: ‘Clowns Inn’ formally at W. Alameda and S. Newton St. is gone and a park is in the process of being built…The first park in the area since WWII. At W. Alameda and S. Zenobia, the former ‘Crossroads Liquor’ store is now to be a new daycare center.