Monthly Sawaya Value Awards Topics

January Values – HOPE – These nominees instill a sense of hope and provide a brighter future for people in and around their community. They inspire others to work toward a common cause and believe that better times are ahead. Nominees may include volunteers, members of service organizations and members of the non-profit community.

February Values – SERVICE – These nominees provide outstanding services by helping the injured, poor, underprivileged or any other persons in need. The aid that they give is above and beyond the societal norm. These nominees are truly dedicated to helping to increase the health and welfare of their communities. Nominees may include members of the police, fire or healthcare industry.

March Values – RESPONSIBILITY – These nominees try to go above and beyond to make their community, their society and their world a better place. They are reliable, dependable and most of all accountable. They give back to the community in order to build a more secure, healthy and safe environment for everyone. Nominees may include business leaders who focus on social responsibility and energy conservation.

April – FAITH – These nominees inspire belief in a higher power. They aid people in reaching for their potential and overcoming life’s major and minor challenges. Most of all, they provide support and encouragement for those who are in need. Nominees may include volunteers, clergy and spiritual leaders.

May – HONOR – These nominees have the highest reputation for upholding all basic human values, especially when difficult or crisis situations arise. They are the people who “do the right thing” on a daily basis. These nominees may include members of the military ore a posthumous award in honor of Memorial Day.

June – TRUST – These nominees are people that you can count on as advocates during challenging times. They are dependable and trustworthy, and they help instill confidence during difficult times. They take charge, custody or care of individuals and situations. Nominees may include any type of person working in an advocate capacity and mental health workers.

July – FREEDOM – These nominees are those who fight to protect our freedom. They fight for our liberty and to preserve our most dearly held principles. They work to preserve our rights as citizens and members of this great nation. Nominees may include members of the Armed Services.

August – HONESTY – These nominees represent those that “walk the talk” and are not afraid to confront challenges head-on. They are authentic individuals who will stand up to fraud and deceit. They are frank and open when dealing with complex and serious issues. Nominees may come from any area of society and may include civic leaders.

September – INTEGRITY – These nominees are known for giving others counsel and strength to handle the more difficult and challenging times in their lives. They live by a set of moral and ethical principles. Nominees may include lawyers, doctors and teachers.

October – JUSTICE – These nominees exhibit extraordinary fairness in how they deal with others. The nominees consistently consider both sides of complicated problems and provide equitable, fair solutions. They may also have aided other members of the community in legal matters. Nominees may include judges, other members of the court and authority figures.

November – TRUTH – These nominees hold to the truth and deal fairly with the public. They are sincere in their dealings. They do not misrepresent their positions or make false claims. When dealing with problems, they are factual and straightforward. Nominees may include small business owners.

December – FAMILY – These nominees are known to fight for issues that may affect their families or all of our families. Traditional and non-traditional families benefit from these individuals. They work to make this world a better place, filled with caring and love. They provide the most basic needs in the most extraordinary ways. These nominees may come from any area of society.


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