Jodi Gault

Sawaya Values Award June TRUST Winner Jodi Gault

Teaching Trust to Foster Children

DENVER – When Jodi Gault first started as a Court Appointed Special Advocate she wasn’t sure if the foster children she would meet, many of whom have been neglected and abused, would understand why she was in their lives. But Jodi, who has volunteered for the Court Appointed Special Advocate Association (CASA) for the past decade, soon learned that the children not only understood that she was there to represent them, but that she would become a trusted advisor.

“Kids in foster care have had their trust broken by the adults in their lives, some don’t even know what trust means. With CASA they learn that there is someone they can count on in this world, said Gault.

“Jodi’s contributions to CASA Jeffco/Gilpin have been extraordinary. She is an ordinary citizen willing to go behind the doors of juvenile and family courts to ease the pain and trauma of children in crisis…and to offer the judge invaluable information ensuring the system is accountable and upholds the best interests of these children,” said Ginny Moore who submitted this nomination.

Jodi Gault has worked with 12 families since she started volunteering for CASA. She has watched over one group of children for five years. For many of these children she is the most constant and trusted person in their lives. Jodi also works full-time as a pediatric oncology nurse.

Michael Sawaya said, “The June Sawaya Values Award for trust couldn’t go to a more deserving nominee. Jodi embodies the definition of someone these children can count on as advocates during challenging times. I am thrilled to honor her today.” See more at The Sawaya Law Firm Channel on YouTube video.

As part of the Sawaya Values Award, The Sawaya Law Firm is making a $250 donation to the Court Appoint Child Advocates Association of Jefferson and Gilpin counties in Jodi Gault’s name.