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Sawaya Values Award July FREEDOM Winners Leo “Sid” Boston and Kasia Iwaniczko MacLeod

Sawaya Values July Posthumous Award for Freedom to Colonel Leo “Sid” Boston

He gave his life to saving other VietNam veterans.

DENVER – Colonel Leo “Sid” Boston volunteered to fly one of the most dangerous aircraft in the Vietnam War. The A1E Skyraiders flew low and slow, clipping the treetops, as part of rescue missions. These planes were known to have problems with the ejection seats. Colonel Boston could have flown fighter jets, but wanted to be on the front lines of rescue missions. His plane was shot down in 1966 and it wasn’t until July of this year that his daughter was able to get his remains from Vietnam and bury them in a moving ceremony at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

“The pilots of the A1E Sky Raiders were willing to fly these aircraft even though they did not have the proper ejection. You really had to want to protect the freedom of America to fly these aircraft on these missions. It took immense dedication and bravery to fly these planes but it was a sought after assignment, says Dale Pugh who nominated Colonel Boston.

“I would like to see more recognition of our military heroes from the home towns up to Washington, D.C. We have nothing without our freedom in America and it is our military that provides that freedom,” says Bethany Boston-Johnson, Col. Boston’s daughter who lives in Vail, Colorado.

Michael Sawaya says, “Colonel Leo “Sid” Boston and his family exemplify the meaning of freedom. He gave his live while protecting all of us and while successfully rescuing another soldier. It is our honor to extend the Sawaya Value Freedom Award to this great man. It is also an honor to meet his family who has gone through so much during these past 45 year. Colonel Boston personifies our definition of freedom by being a man who fought to protect our freedom. He fought for our liberty and to preserve our most dearly held principles. He worked to preserve our rights as citizens and members of this great nation.” See more at The Sawaya Law Firm Channel on YouTube video.

Sawaya Values Award July Freedom Winner Kasia Iwaniczko Macleod

KasiaAn immigrant from Communist Poland with a deep respect for freedom in America.

DENVER – Kasia Iwaniczko MacLeod remembers arriving at the airport in Warsaw scared and confused. She was only six years old when her family was trying to emigrate from communist Poland. The people at the airport told her family they could take only one piece of luggage, so they had to leave many of their belongings and start over with just what they could carry in one bag.

Since coming to the United States, Kasia has achieved a list of accomplishments from becoming the first female student body president at Mesa State College, to being appointed to the US Civil Rights Commission State Advisory, to owning her own business and being selected as one of Denver’s “Top Forty under 40” award recipients. She is also an active philanthropist. Kasia is currently campaign strategy director working with the Colorado Preservation Inc. and heading up the restoration of the Colorado State Capitol dome.

Kasia says, “Freedom to me is respect not only for your country but for the individuals. We wouldn’t be a country of these tremendous freedoms and opportunities if it wasn’t for those who came before us.”

“She has accomplished much coming from a communist country to our democracy and has shown what the human spirit can accomplish when it is free to dream, believe and achieve,” say nominator David MacLeod, who is also Kasia’s husband.

Michael Sawaya says, “Kasia has made the most of her freedom by giving back and doing immense and wonderful things for this country. Congratulations Kasia on winning the July Sawaya Value Awards for Freedom.” See more at The Sawaya Law Firm Channel on YouTube video.