Christylynne Grenz

Christylynne Grenz is the Sawaya Values Awards Winner, for the Value of Service Assigned to February

Christylynne Grenz is a student at Cherry Creek High School and a cheerleader. Christylynne had a great idea to include the students with disabilities on the cheerleading team at her school. She convinced the cheerleading team to volunteer their time to coach the students with disabilities, and she introduced them at sporting events. Christylynne even helped one of the girls with disabilities to be accepted and included so much that she was voted Homecoming Queen. At the Homecoming Game, she walked down the football field alongside her father with the other contenders. When she won, the entire crowd stood up and applauded, there wasn’t a dry eye in the stadium. Christylynne was awarded a Sawaya Values Award for bringing a community together and bridging the gap between people and their “perceived” differences.