Alison Joucovsky

Sawaya Values Award February SERVICE Winner Alison Joucovsky

Alison Joucovsky’s life is about honoring seniors and providing for their needs so they can live safely in their homes as they get older. The Sawaya Values Award for February recognized Alison because she provides outstanding services through heeling the injured, poor, underprivileged or any other persons in need.

She is truly dedicated to help increasing the health and welfare of her community in Edgewater, Colorado. Among other programs, Alison started a Neighborhood Watch program. This is just one example of why Alison was nominated by Officer Sean Kennedy of the Edgewater Police Department.

Officer Kennedy said in his nomination, “Senior Citizens are often left on the backburner of society and Alison is dedicated to making sure that does not happen. She is a tremendous help in spreading the importance of citizens getting to know one another and banding together. She has a special talent of bringing people together for the purpose of helping one another.”

“What I love about this program is that seniors don’t get enough credit for their skills and intelligence. We tap into their strength and then they create the programs,” said Alison Joucovsky, Sawaya Values Award February Winner.

Michael Sawaya said, “Alison has been working with the senior population since she was 18. Her dedication to helping people age gracefully, while working with them to be healthy, safe and integral part of their community exemplifies the essence of the February Service Award. All of our awardees work to help people reach their potential, and Alison is no exception.”

Colorado Senior Connections program is designed t help seniors stay in their homes. The Sawaya Law Firm is making a $250 donation to the Colorado Senior Connections in Alison’s name.