Dr Andrew Motz

Sawaya Value Award August HONESTY Winner Dr. Andrew Motz

Dr. Andrew Motz received the Sawaya Values Award for the month of August based on his honesty and compassion for his patients, with one in particular. Their nomination is quoted below:

“[Dr. Motz] has helped me with everything during my illness even after I lost my insurance 2 years ago, never turned me away even without insurance. He also helps me find other programs to help me find help after I lost my job. I met Dr. Motz on November 1, 2006 and he has taken care of me since, always listened and never doubted me even with odd questions and concerns. He gives me pro bono scans no matter what issue I have or how crazy it sounds. [He] has helped me no matter what I need, helps me with paperwork and court. [He] even helped me after I lost my Workman’s’ Compensation Case. Linda the nurse who is Dr. Motz assistant has also helped and been there every step of the way. (Honorable mention)”

Dr. Motz has visited Haiti for disaster relief several times. He has also invested a lot of time into collecting medical equipment to donate to Haiti relief efforts.

He received the Junior Olympic Orthopedic Surgeon Award in Colorado.