Lynn Huber

Sawaya Values Award April FAITH Winner Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber took a look her Arkansas community some 13 years ago and saw a need where she could truly put her faith into action. There were five major prisons within a 45 minute drive of her home.

Lynn prayed for guidance and was led to the Kairos prison ministry, where she has now been volunteering with incarcerated women for more than a decade. As a volunteer spiritual director for Individuals at Kairos here in Colorado, Lynn helps women find a sense of self worth and develop their own spirituality.

“I must have said it a thousand times; I would pay to do this job. I love it so much. It is a ministry that reaches out to prison women. In my experience 95% of the women have been sexually abused as children and have gotten involved in substance abuse to medicate their own pain. Many end up being punished for the rest of their lives in prison,” said Lynn Huber.

“Lynn has practiced the adage ‘witness to others at all times; when necessary, use words.’ By her life she has witnessed to the depth of faith and connection to the divine that has been compelling for others, whether in prison, in the community of faith, in teaching, in spiritual direction, wherever God takes her,” said Bob Davidson who submitted the nomination.

Michael Sawaya said, “Lynn Huber reaches out with support, encouragement and a great faith to a population that is many times forgotten. Her nomination for the Sawaya Values Awards Faith category is a true testament to a woman who helps others reach their potential by working with them to overcome life’s challenges.” See more at The Sawaya Law Firm Channel on YouTube video.

Kairos Prison Ministry International addresses the spiritual needs of incarcerated men, and women and their families as well as those who work in the prison environment ( // The Sawaya Law Firm is making a $250 donation to Kairos Prison Ministry in Lynn Huber’s name.