The Sawaya Values Awards


“Our highest purpose is to help everyone reach their potential. We want to honor people who put these values into action and help all of us towards accomplishing that goal.” Michael Sawaya

The “Sawaya Values Awards” recognize Coloradans who are committed to helping themselves and members of their community reach their full potential. One monthly award will be based upon what Michael Sawaya and team members of The Sawaya Law Firm consider to be the 12 areas of life that create the bedrock of society: Hope, Service, Responsibility, Faith, Honor, Trust, Freedom, Honesty, Integrity, Justice, Truth, and Family.

The Sawaya Law Firm strongly believes that every person should be capable of reaching their full potential by focusing on each of the 12 Values. And by embracing these values on a daily basis as they practice law, The Sawaya Law Firm can help people piece their lives back together and achieve their full potential and meaning in life.

Our Most Recent Award Winner

Geoffery Bateman

Award: Honesty

Geoffrey Bateman is practically a justice superhero.  He is a professor at Regis University, has been a committed volunteer at The Gathering Place for the past eight years, and has been active in the pursuit of marriage equality. He and his husband joined six other same-sex couples in a suit against the State of Colorado and its ban on gay marriage, helping bring marriage equality to our state.

In collaboration with The Gathering Place staff, Bateman helped found a weekly, drop-in community based writing center at The Gathering Place in 2008.  That writing group continues to meet weekly and helps members with a variety of writing projects, including resumes, cover letters, fiction, and poetry. These projects have not only provided opportunities for these women to cultivate and strengthen their voices, but also have promoted the visibility of their experiences with homelessness in our larger community. In addition to his work at The Gathering Place, he has participated in large-scale campaigns for farmworker justice and for more humane U.S. foreign policy in Central America.

For bringing the Honesty out in our community and beyond, we are so pleased to honor Mr. Bateman and his amazing advocacy work. Congratulations!

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