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We hear about it all the time. Another over-the-counter or prescription drug has been found to be harmful to the people taking it. If you suffered harm from a drug prescribed by your doctor or from an over-the-counter drug, the experienced Denver dangerous medications lawyers at The Sawaya Law Firm would like to speak to you.

At the Denver personal injury law firm, The Sawaya Law Firm, we want to help you. Our attorneys and staff will manage every aspect of your case – personal, medical, financial and vocational – to ensure that you will continue to have the best life possible. If you have a loved one who has died because of a drug’s side effect, you and your family deserve compensation for your loss.

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Some of the dangerous medicines involved in lawsuits filed by our pharmaceutical liability lawyers include:

If these or other prescription or over-the-counter drugs have caused harm to you or someone you know please call or email our Colorado personal injury attorneys today.

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