Mr. Caplan served his community as a prosecutor for Arapahoe and El Paso counties for 4 years. As a county and district court prosecutor, he took great pride in the responsibility placed on his shoulders.  Mr. Caplan went to great lengths to seek justice for victims, convict the guilty, accommodate the needy, and rectify the cases where people should not be prosecuted.

In private practice, Mr. Caplan worked as staff counsel for Allstate for 2 years. As an insurance defense attorney, he learned in detail about the insurance industry and how it works. He learned how insurance companies value cases, and how to effectively speak their language and change their minds.

Mr. Caplan is a seasoned trial attorney who has significant experience in front of a jury, and understands how cases are won and lost at trial. While no trial is guaranteed, Mr. Caplan has won many more trials than he has lost, and has a proven track record of success from Felony trials to District Court civil trials.

Mr. Caplan graduated from DU Sturm’s College of Law in the top 25% of his class. Some of his scholastic accomplishments are as follows:

  • He has taught (and continues to teach) trial advocacy to law school students and high school students through volunteer work and community outreach.
  • He established the national trial team at the University of Hawaii.
  • He was President of Hawaii’s Dean’s Ambassadors.
  • He was awarded Edmund’s Award for Civility and Vigorous Advocacy.
  • He won the Hoffman Cup (Sturm’s Premier Trial Competition).
  • He was a Semi-Finalist in the Kelly Competition- NYC’s National Invitational Trial Competition.

When not practicing law, Mr. Caplan enjoys skiing, hiking, playing guitar with his band, singing and dancing with his wife and friends, his two awesome dogs and, above all, his amazing baby girl.

Mr. Caplan is guided by principles of strength through knowledge, wisdom through perseverance, compassion through empathy, and honor through high ethical standards.

Mr. Caplan is proud to be a Colorado Attorney, and proud to work with the fine people at The Sawaya Law Firm.