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Tire Separation

Defective tires, without any fault on the part of the driver or owner of the car, cause thousands of motor vehicle accidents every year, many of them resulting in catastrophic injuries, traumatic closed head injuries, burns, vehicle ejection, and death. Defective tires, particularly old tires or tires with glue or rubber defects that lead to tread separation, can lead to loss of vehicle control, particularly in vehicles with a high center of gravity, such as an SUV, truck, mini-bus, transport van, limo van, or passenger van.

Many tire defects are due to poor manufacturing that leads to tread separation, deficient skin stock, and lack of nylon overlay. Tire manufacturers unfortunately often conceal these defects from consumers – and conceal even the date when of a tire’s manufacturer, so that consumers can’t tell if a tire is past the six year expiration date recommended by most car manufacturers, like Ford and Toyota – so do our defective product attorneys at The Sawaya Law Firm.

Improving skin stock can lead to better adhesion or bonding of rubber to the steel, making tread separation less likely of an occurrence. Just think about it. How many times have you driven on a highway and seen tire pieces on, or beside the road? Did you ever wonder why?

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Profits Ahead of Safety: Tire Defects Slipping Through the Cracks

Many times, tire defects are the result of both design and manufacturing negligence and are often traced to poor bonding or adhesion of tire components during the manufacturing process. When tires are being made, moisture, impurities, and other foreign materials are capable of entering the mix and get cured into the tire. Many times tire manufacturers attempt to cut costs and maximize money in their pockets at the expense of your safety by failing to take proper safety measures.

Recently, the Michelin Tire Company was found guilty and was forced to pay $11.96 million dollars when a jury determined that a defective tire caused a crash of a Ford F-250 pickup that killed 6 people and left a 12-year old boy paralyzed. The jury determined that a manufacturing flaw in a Goodrich tire made by South Carolina-based Michelin North America substantially contributed to the crash. The attorneys for the wrongful death victims’ estates found out that leaks in the roof of the Tuscaloosa manufacturing plant damaged the machinery used to make hundreds of those tires. The driver of the pickup truck could not have even known of the danger.

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