Liz Oster

Sawaya Value Award May HONOR Winner Liz Oster

Liz Oster is the Sawaya Values Award winner, for the value of Honor assigned to May 2012.

Liz Oster is a Sawaya Values Award winner for the value of honor assigned to the month of May. Liz is the co-founder of Courage is Change, a nonprofit organization aimed at ending domestic violence and abuse in communities as well as empowering and educated individuals to speak up about their own personal battles. Liz epitomizes honor because she was brave enough to come out with the honest truth about her experiences to herself, the courtrooms, her community and the world at large. Her voice and story became the driving force behind Courage is Change. As described by many, Liz is a visionary and a dynamic individual with a dream.

Liz does not just tell the truth about her own life, but about the societal truth surrounding a very real issue with serious repercussions. Through her own personal story and the stories of others, Liz has made it easier for people to be honest and address this issue of domestic violence.

Liz helped found the Courage is Change foundation as a means of educating the community about healthy relationship development as well as the importance of speaking out against abusive or violent acts. In so doing she is making Colorado communities more truthful, open and honest, which in turn is making our society better for each and every individual.