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Colorado Springs is a beautiful place to get around on bicycle, but that’s not the only benefit to cycling. A bicycle is better for the environment than a vehicle, cheaper to ride and maintain and lets you feel the wind against your face on your morning commute or while just enjoying a ride. Unfortunately, it’s often not only these benefits cyclists experience. Rides often turn dangerous for cyclists. Drivers in Colorado Springs frequently fail to watch for cyclists the same way they look out for other vehicles. Many drivers even intentionally try to harm cyclists.

When drivers do not give cyclists the same respect as they do others on the road, it often results in a serious bicycle crash. Typically, the cyclist is the one who suffers the most severe injuries. Those injuries are not only painful, but they are also expensive to treat.

If you have been hurt in a bicycle accident in Colorado Springs, you should speak with an experienced Colorado personal injury attorney at The Sawaya Law Firm as early as possible. We take great pride in helping injured people to recover their lives as well as to recover from their injuries. We will pursue all compensation that you are due. Contact us today to discuss your case in a free consultation.

What Are Common Types of Colorado Springs Bicycle Accidents?

Drivers often blame bicyclists after a crash. In reality, most bicycle accidents are the result of a driver’s careless acts. The most common types of bicycle accidents that we see at The Sawaya Law Firm in Colorado Springs are:

  • Dooring Accidents – These collisions occur when a driver in a parked car opens the car door into the path of an oncoming cyclist. The cyclist then runs into the door and suffers serious injuries from the impact and from getting knocked off the bicycle.
  • Side-Swipe Accidents – When drivers pass cyclists but don’t give them enough room, the car often hits the side of the cyclist and runs the bicycle off the road.
  • Rear-end Accidents – Sometimes, drivers don’t watch for cyclists. They approach them too quickly and don’t have enough time to stop. This results in the car rear-ending the cyclist and throwing the cyclist from the bicycle.
  • Right Cross And Left Cross Accidents – These accidents happen when a vehicle is pulling out of a side street or alley into an intersection. A cyclist has already entered the intersection, and the vehicle hits the cyclist.
  • Right-turn Accidents – Too often, drivers turn right at an intersection without first looking to make sure the way is clear. When cyclists are traveling straight through the same intersection, they often become hit.
  • Speeding Accidents – Excessive speed is a factor in many motor vehicle accidents, including those involving cyclists. When drivers travel too fast, it not only causes an accident. It also increases the severity of injuries that result from that accident.
  • Distracted Driving Accidents – Too many drivers in Colorado Springs are looking down at their phones or trying to multi-task behind wheel. As a result, they fail to see a smaller bicycle on the road next to or ahead of them.
  • Impaired Driving Accidents – When motorists drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, their reaction time is slowed. They often fail to see cyclists on the road.

It’s important for both drivers and motorists to be aware of the most common causes of accidents so they can try to avoid them and keep everyone safe.

What Should You Do After A Bicycle Accident in Colorado Springs?

The moments after a bicycle accident are very confusing for all involved. It’s not only important to know what to do in order to protect your rights. You should also know what to take with you.  For instance, you should try to ride with your identification on you as well as a cell phone. You can use the phone for many purposes, including calling the police, taking photos and writing down names, numbers and other information.

First, after a Colorado Springs bicycle accident, you should call 911. Police can arrive at the scene, call for emergency medical responders if necessary and immediately start an investigation into what happened. You should stick to basic facts when you talk with the police officer. Do not admit fault or even blame the car driver. The Sawaya Law Firm can help you to get a copy of the police crash report.

If medical personnel arrive at the scene, make sure you provide a full account of all your injuries. If an ambulance doesn’t come to the scene of the crash, make sure you see a doctor as soon as possible. You must get your injuries documented. A medical report will do that.

While still at the scene, get as much information from the driver as you can. You will need a driver’s license number, license plate number, insurance information and contact information. If others saw the accident, make sure you write down their contact information, too.

The next step is to document the scene. Take photos of your injuries, damage done to the bicycle and damage to the vehicle. These photos can help to tell the story of what happened. The chances are also good that you will want to fix your bicycle as soon as possible, but it’s important that you wait. That damage will also help to indicate what happened during the crash.

Finally, at some point, you will need to deal with the driver’s insurance company. You should not do this without talking to a lawyer from The Sawaya Law Firm first. Your lawyer will make sure to protect your rights and help you to avoid mistakes when dealing with the insurance company.

How is Liability Proven in Colorado Springs Bike Accident Claims?

You may know exactly what happened before and during the crash. You may also know that you were not at fault. Still, you can count on the driver raising arguments to shift blame to you. So, how do you prove liability in cycling accident claims?

The evidence you collected at the scene, including pictures and witness statements, will be helpful. Evidence which you collect after the crash such as medical records can also help. It can establish liability and the amount of damages that you should be entitled to receive.

An attorney will gather other important evidence. For instance, the attorney can subpoena the driver’s cell phone records if you believe that the driver was distracted at the time. An attorney can also get the driver’s chemical test results if you believe the driver was under the influence of alcohol or a drug such as marijuana when the crash occurred. An attorney will also reconstruct the accident scene to determine how the accident happened. Often, at The Sawaya Law Firm, we work with accident reconstruction experts and use exhibits to illustrate bicycle crashes.

Colorado has a comparative fault system. If you are found to be more than 50 percent at fault for an accident, you are barred from receiving any compensation. Otherwise, your damages will be reduced based on the percentage of fault assigned to you.

Because of this law, you can expect an insurance company to try to put the blame on you for the accident and your injuries. At The Sawaya Law Firm, we will aggressively challenge those tactics. Our goal is simple: We want you to recover the maximum amount of compensation.

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