Carol Johnson

Sawaya Value Award June TRUST Winner Carol “CJ” Johnson

Carol “CJ” Johnson is the Executive Director at the Senior Assistance Center in Denver. The Senior Assistance Center is a nonprofit organization that helps to meet the needs of Denver’s elderly citizens living in poverty. They have a weekly food bank and emergency food pantry, and also distribute medical equipment such as wheel chairs and walkers. The Senior Assistance Center also provides financial help to seniors in order to prevent eviction and for medical, dental or optical needs.

Carol and her organization represent all of the 12 Sawaya Values every day. To those of us who know her as a friend as well as a business, she most represents the values and true meaning of Hope, Service, Responsibility, Honesty, Integrity, and Truth.

Carol is always giving and caring to her friends, her employees, and most importantly to the seniors that her organization serves. She takes responsibility from the smallest task to help these elder people in need to taking on the largest challenges to sustain her organization to continue to be able to serve the community.

Carol opened her entire organization to bring in seniors to talk to foundation supporters about their daily lives and the help that they always need but especially in these poor economic times. She is always grateful to those around her who offer help on so many levels such as bringing plastic food bags over for her seniors to have a way to collect food from their food bank to locating sources for clothing for men which is hard to find.