Sawaya Values Award July FREEDOM Winner Wayne Hayden

Making A Difference in the Lives of Soldiers

DENVER – Wayne Hayden, a Vietnam-Era Veteran, started the organization Saving Our Soldiers, or S.O.S., to help struggling and homeless veterans and their families. The organization seeks to provide active duty soldiers and honorably discharged veterans with emergency assistance when it comes to things like evictions, auto repairs, clothing and food.

During his time in the Army, Wayne served in many different places around the world. Due to chemical exposure he has been battling health issues ever since his service. He understands the hardships that many soldiers go through and has dedicated his life to helping those in need. The mission statement of Saving Our Soldiers is “No Solider is Ever Left Behind” and Wayne works diligently to secure donations for struggling veterans.

“I want to help any veteran who deserves it,” Wayne told Coloradoan reporter Kevin Duggan. “There is no reason that someone who has honorably served this country should end up in a homeless situation. I can’t let it happen.”

“Wayne started this organization after hearing veterans frustrated and lost at the VA. He is a disabled veteran himself… but gives everything. He stands up for the forgotten” said his nominator.