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Danger Zones – Deadly Driving in Denver

Have you ever wondered where the most drunk driving accidents occur in Denver? How about the roads where you might be more likely to encounter dangerous distracted drivers? The map above makes it easy for you to see the Danger Zones in Denver by tracking reports of fatal crashes related to alcohol, drugs and distracted driving. Click on the boxes next to the different types of accidents to narrow or widen your mapped results, and decide for yourself what areas you might want to avoid. Scroll down to see an age breakdown for those involved in the various types of fatal crashes.

Age breakdown bargraphs for contributing factors (2010-2014)

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How Does Age Factor Into Fatal Accident Data?

As you can tell from the chart above, the age of crash victims adds another level of depth to the information we have on contributing factors in fatal accidents. Overall, people ages 21 to 34 accounted for almost half of the fatal crash victims in Denver. In fact, that age group unfortunately was at the top of every type of crash category except fatal accidents caused by failure to yield. That type of accident actually claimed just as many lives in the 65-and-older group, which had the fewest number of overall victims at 7 percent.

“A text really is a 5-second blindfold.” Culturally, we have grown phone-dependent to the point that sending a text or checking email feels almost as second-nature as breathing or blinking. That’s why we ask all Colorado drivers to come together and protect each other by driving distraction-free.

Darrell Lingk, Director of the CDOT’s Office of Transportation Safety