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Summary of Lawsuit

In 2013 President Obama and the Department of Labor drafted a rule that required home health care employers to pay their employees overtime for hours worked in excess of 12 hours a day or 40 hours in a workweek. The Rule became effective January 1, 2015 and employers were required to pay their employees overtime at the latest, beginning on August 21, 2015. Despite this rule, for both home health aides and certified nursing assistants, there are home health care employers that have not paid overtime to their employees, in accordance with federal law. Under Colorado law this right to overtime goes back even further.

Collins v DKL Ventures is a class-action lawsuit currently pending in federal court in Colorado. The lawsuit alleges that employees of Select Home Care, a home health care company working primarily in the Denver Metro Area did not pay its employees overtime compensation of time and a half their regular rate of pay for hours worked in excess of twelve hours a day and forty hours a week, as required under Colorado state law and federal law. It is believed that Select Home Care did not pay any of its home care employees overtime compensation they were owed before November 11, 2015. If you are or were an employee of Select Home Care, DKL Ventures, and any other related or joint employer entities and you were not paid time and a half your regular rate of pay for hours in excess of twelve hours a day and forty hours a week, from January 1 through November 11, 2015, you may be entitled to recover wages not properly paid to you.

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