Dish Network

Dish Network, LLC

The Sawaya Law Firm is dedicated to fighting against wage theft in all of its forms. Among the ways employers deprive their employees of wages is by making improper “deductions” from earned salaries or commissions. Such deductions are illegal under the laws of Colorado and many other states.

Our case has identified Dish Network, LLC (“Dish”) as a company with policies and practices of taking away earned wages through such deductions. In Finfrock v. Dish Network, LLC, we are pursuing class arbitration against Dish under the wage and hour laws of Arizona and New Jersey on behalf of Dish’s Inside Sales Associate (“ISA”) Employees. Our class complaint alleges that Dish maintained illegal policies and practices of failing to pay ISA Employees for the commissions they earned during their final weeks of employment and committing “Wage Theft” by illegally deducting hundreds of thousands of dollars from its ISA Employees based on minor protocol infractions.

We are currently in discovery and preparing to file a motion for class certification. Please contact our office if you would like more information about this case, or to join the class.