Cases: Current & Settled

Verdicts & Settlement

Although we cannot guarantee any similar results in any of our future cases, here are a few of the more dramatic stories from clients that we’ve been honored to represent.

$150,000 Recovered

This case arose out of fatal car collision, where our client fractured both of her knee caps. Our client also injured her face, mouth, neck, back, shoulder, and ankle. Our client also had severe post-traumatic stress as a result of being involved in such a violent crash that resulted in the death of another person. Despite working very hard on her treatment and therapy, her recovery lasted over three years. The case was tried to a jury in Weld County, and our client was compensated over $150,000.

$115,676 Recovered

On November 1, 2014, our client was in a serious car accident. He suffered injuries to his neck and lower back and his medical bills were $15,914.27 and on the rise. The insurance company’s last offer before trial was $16,651.59. We took the case to trial and recovered our client $115,676.15 that he needed to pay his bills and continue his road of treatment and healing.

Fresenius Medical Care Dialysis Services

Ingve v. Fresenius Medical Care Dialysis Services Colorado, LLC (Colorado District Court, Denver County)

Registered nurses who perform dialysis sued Fresenius for violating the company’s own contract and Colorado Wage and Hour Law by requiring the nurses to work through their rest and lunch breaks and use their personal cell phones for work without reimbursement. Click to read a copy of the Complaint.

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