Cases: Current & Settled

Verdicts & Settlement

Although we cannot guarantee any similar results in any of our future cases, here are a few of the more dramatic stories from clients that we’ve been honored to represent.

$349,000 Recovered

Our client was involved in three separate rear end accidents all within the span of three years. Her injuries were the most severe after her first car accidents but her medical bills continued to grow after the next two totaling $59,000 with future treatment recommendations. In the end we were able recover $349,000.00 for her and set her up for successful continued treatment.

$330,000 Recovered

We stood up for the right of a worker who was helping to move cars around at a rail yard, when he was crushed in an auto loader that had been improperly repaired. The man suffered severe stomach problems and psychological issues, but the company refused to pay more than $20,000 for damages, saying there was nothing wrong with the auto loader. The Sawaya Law Firm helped the victim recover $330,000 from the repair company.

$325,000 – Recovered

We recovered $325,000 for a woman who was in two car wrecks three months apart that caused severe concussions with lasting symptoms both times. The case got complicated when the client’s insurance company was not accepting her treatment as reasonable. We kept fight and filed suit to have a full determination of benefits made, and as a result got her insurance company to offer its entire policy limit!

$286,000 Recovered

The Sawaya Law Firm came to the aid of a woman who suffered neck, shoulder, and lower back injuries during a rear-end accident on I-225. She had incurred about $50,000 in medical bills, but the insurance company refused to pay fair compensation. Our firm took her case to trial and recovered $286,000.

$285,000 Recovered

Our client was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler while stopped in a traffic jam. He suffered a concussion, neck problems and back problems. He also had to miss time from work. Our lawyers were able recover $285,000 for him.

$275,409 Recovered

Our client suffered neck and back injuries when he was rear-ended by a shuttle van. After extensive treatment, our client had medical bills of $80,000, but the insurance company offered him only $15,000 to settle. Our firm took his case to trial and recovered $275,409 for him.

$275,000 – Recovered

We recovered $275,000 for a woman on a bus, in a motorized sit down scooter. She was not strapped in to the scooter or the scooter to the bus, as the bus approached a roundabout a pickup truck failed to yield causing the bus to stop suddenly. Our client fell out of her chair, breaking a hip. It was determined that bus had failed to properly strap our client in.

$270,280 Recovered

After a car accident on February 3, 2015, our client suffered severe injuries to this neck and back. His medical bills were $107,806 and the insurance company’s last offer before trial was
$100,000. We took the case to trial and recovered the $270,280.90 that our client deserved!

$259,000 Recovered

Our client was hurt in a low speed rear end car wreck that resulted in little damage to her car. With preexisting neck issues that were exacerbated in the car wreck, it wasn’t a case many would take on. Although her car didn’t have much damage her medical bills were around $30,000 with future treatment recommended. We were able to recover $259,000.00 that allowed her to pay off her current medical bills and continue treatment.

$175,000 – Recovered

We recovered $175,000 for a man who fell 6 feet off a ladder at work and tore his MCL after the building owner and it’s contractors failed to secure the ladder that our client used.