The Truth About Distracted Driving In Colorado - It's Not What You Think

Denver, CO – 11/28/16 – Today, The Sawaya Law Firm releases Denver’s Distracted Drivers. This educational video shares some shocking statistics on distracted driving in Denver. The Denver-based personal injury law firm and it’s staff decided to find out – “How many drivers are driving distracted in Denver? Really?”

By setting up staff-run experiments at four intersections across Denver, The Sawaya Law Firm “Driving Distracted Brigade” tallied all of the cars passing within a set amount of time, and documented each instance of distracted driving. After just ten minutes, the results were shocking –

  • Alameda and Federal – 13% Distraction Rate
  • Hampden and Monaco – 11% Distraction Rate
  • 17th and Colorado Blvd. – 23% Distraction Rate
  • Havana and Colfax  – 48% Distraction Rate

According to this study, the majority of drivers in Denver choose to drive without distractions! And while the dangers of distracted driving should not be underplayed, the real story here is that distraction-free driving is a popular choice!

“When there’s an effort to change hazardous behaviors, it’s not enough to focus on just danger or death tolls,” says Jake Sanders, Marketing Director for The Sawaya Law Firm. “This study hopes to normalize and popularize good habits behind the wheel, because behavior in our culture, whether smart or stupid, is largely imitative.”

The firm hopes that more people will choose to drive without distractions, once they see that’s what all the cool kids are doing.


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About The Sawaya Law Firm – The Sawaya Law Firm is proud to partner with the Colorado Department of Transportation and supports the federal goal of “Moving Toward Zero” traffic fatalities. The Sawaya Law Firm is celebrating it’s 40th year helping injured Coloradans get the legal help they deserve.


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