The Best Way To Spread Holiday Cheer?

This year, if you visited our Denver office on Ogden Street during the holiday season, you may have noticed a tree with paper angels hanging from it with names, ages, and gift ideas. This year, we wanted to give back to those in need and the DamCol Foundation was the perfect partner to do so. Through DamCol we were able to service 20 kids this holiday season. Our staff generously provided gifts and clothing that families right here in our Colorado communities so desperately need!

What is DamCol and Who do They Serve?

If you aren’t familiar with this wonderful foundation, then continue on to get up to speed. The DamCol Foundation came about to help families in their time of need based off the personal experience of one of our Paralegals, Gina Baker. Gina had a nephew who committed suicide on August 1st, 2017 and then on September 26th, 2017 her cousin passed away from breast cancer. Neither family member had insurance; leaving her family to come up with the money to pay for two funerals and other expenses.

At that time, Gina found there was little to no assistance to families struggling to come up with the finances for family members that have passed; and do not have insurance or the savings to cover the expenses that come with death. That is when she decided she wanted to create a foundation to help families in need that are suffering from the tragedy of loss due to suicide and/or cancer.

DamCol helps families that are in need of funds for finial arrangements. Since its creation in 2018 they have been able to assist one family with funeral services. And of course, are hoping to fundraise more funds for future families in need. This year they also held their first Toy Drive and assisted families in need of the food on Thanksgiving! Having the ability to assist these families even in the smallest of ways make a big difference. It lessens the burden they feel, provides them with someone that understands their struggles, and shows them that their community cares about them!

How Can You Make  a Difference?

If you’d like to make a donation or get involved with The DamCol Foundation you can find them online at or email them at They are also available by phone at 720.779.9184 or can be found on Facebook!


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