Should I Apply for Social Security Disability?

A frequent question we get from the public is, ‘Should I apply for Disability?’ or ‘How do I know if I qualify for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration?’

This is a good question as many who believe that they have a disability are not sure if they can qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits or not.

The very first thing that the Social Security Administration looks at when someone applies for disability is whether or not they are working. Fact is, you can not receive Social Security Disability benefits and continue working full time, or even part time, earning over $1010.00 a month. Unfortunately this is the case even if you have a disability that you believe interferes with your life. The Social Security Administration considers any person who is working and earning over $1010.00 gross a month to be ineligible for disability benefits.

If you are either not working or working less than 40 hours a week and earning less than $1010.00 a month, your case can be reviewed by the Social Security Administration to see if you are considered disabled. The Social Security Administration must also find that your disability prevents you from working for at least 12 months at any job, or will result in death.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact The Sawaya Law Firm in Denver, Colorado to speak with an attorney in the Social Security Disability department and find out if you should file a claim for benefits.


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