Safe Driving Handbook - Denver High Schools Take Pledge - Round Two

Safe Driving Habits – A Free Handbook

With our Safe Driving Handbook, The Sawaya Law Firm and the Colorado Department of Transportation aim to educate teens and parents about safety behind the wheel.

With more distractions in our lives than ever before, educating teens about safe driving habits is extremely important. Distractions not only endanger teens and new drivers, but also veteran drivers, who feel they can multitask. They cannot.

Our Safe Driving Handbook addresses both sides of the new driver equation – helping teens understand the privileges and responsibilities that come with driving a vehicle, and educating parents and adults on their duties as safe-driving role models. We provide…

  1. Step-by-step instructions for driving lessons
  2. Tips on tackling distractions
  3. A pledge that both teen and parent can take, promising to drive safe and free of distractions.

It’s all here – download your free copy today!

We recently delivered the first 1,300 copies of our Safe Driving Habits handbook to local high schools. West High School, North High School and Pomona Senior High School were the second set of schools to join us in our fight against Distracted Driving. Lil’ M once again tagged along to help cheer us on!

Go Vikings! Tiny Fact: North High School was the home of MLB star Virgil Jester!

pomona senior high school

Built in 1973 PHS is known for their After Prom! encouraging students to celebrate safe & sober!

With programs like the West Career Academy and courses to prepare students for college the staff at West take pride in their students and their futures!

These Denver high schools have taken the pledge to practice good driving habits, and so can you! The Sawaya Law Firm is committed to reducing accidents on the road, sponsoring free cab rides for holidays, and taking an aggressive stance against distracted driving – the latest hazard to Colorado drivers. We’re honored to have the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) as a publishing partner, and their quote on our handbook says it all –

“When your teen is in the driver’s seat, parents are far more than just passengers. The role of parents is to steer their teen driver through the dangerous first years of driving when most crashes occur. It’s important for parents to take an active role … and your teen may someday thank you for it!”

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