Meet an Attorney - Robert Caldwell

What do you like most about being a lawyer, and least?

(do not use: sacking of defense attorneys, and hearing the lamentations of their paralegals)

The ability to change the law and use the law to benefit people.

What question do you hear most frequently from clients?

Do I have a good case. (probably not something to use)

Many people who need the help of a personal injury lawyer are going through extremely difficult periods of their lives. What words of support do you offer to people in this situation?

I will work my hardest for you to tell your story.

Many clients do not have a sense of the value of their case. What advice do you have to help a client decide whether a settlement offer is a reasonable offer?

The client must get the expenses and bills paid, after that, the question is something the client must mull over. I always tell clients there is a gray area. Below the gray area, the offer should always be rejected. That is where the bills and expenses don’t get paid. At the top of the gray area, is where the offer should always be accepted. If you are getting 10 times your medical bills (assuming the injury is not death or paraplegia or something similar), you better take that. Everything in between is the gray area where the client has to envision the future and whether moving on makes sense. I tell clients the last thing I want is for the client to wake up 6 months after settlement in a cold sweat and yell at the sky about the attorney pressuring the client to take an offer.

What motivated you to become a lawyer?

I wanted to own a record company…in the entertainment industry. Honestly.

How is being a lawyer different than what you expected before joining the profession?

When I went to lawschool, I did not want to try cases. During law school, I learned that you do not get any true movement in society without trying cases.

What is an interesting fact about you that someone would not learn from looking at your resume?

I was in the movie Walk the Line (and very visible in a particular scene).

Who do you most admire and why?

I don’t really have an answer for this yet.

You work hard as a lawyer during the week. What is your favorite thing to do to relax on the weekends?  

Hiking with my kids and wife in the mountains. There is no better feeling in the world than to have those you love most in a setting of raw beauty.

Who was your favorite lawyer on television and why?

Jimmy McGill in Better Call Saul. Not for the immoral things he does of course, but because he understands that law is not some high minded concept. It is dealing with people, visiting houses, the scene, understanding evidence, dealing in a practical reality. Beating your hands on law books does not win a case. Winning the humanity argument, making a human connection with a jury, with the public, wins opinions.

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Michael established The Sawaya Law Firm in 1977 and built it into one of the largest personal injury law firms in Colorado, with more than 20 lawyers and 80 staff members serving clients from five offices located in Denver, Greeley and Colorado Springs. Throughout its history, the firm has stayed true to its 12 Core Values, which emphasize excellence in advocacy and a commitment to providing outstanding client service. Michael studied sociology and economics as an undergraduate student at The Colorado College, and he earned his law degree from the Texas Tech University School of Law. In addition to being involved in several legal and community organizations, Michael enjoys playing music and cooking, and he has written a book on spiritual matters.