Preparing for the Challenges of Winter Driving in Colorado

Motorists in Denver know how unreliable the weather can be this time of the year. The winter months present a range of potential hazards to those taking to area roadways. In addition to these weather concerns, this is often a very busy travel season. These factors can quickly lead to serious congestion, and motorists need to be prepared for what they will encounter when they are behind the wheel.

Before heading out for your destinations, it is important that you be sure that your vehicle is ready for these challenging conditions in order to avoid being involved in a motor vehicle accident. This includes clearing any snow or ice off of the vehicle, especially the windshields, and also making sure that headlights, tail lights and turn signals are visible to other motorists. You should also check your tires for wear, as those with less tread may be more prone to losing control on snow or ice covered roadways.

Once you begin traveling, you need to know how your vehicle will react if you have to make a sudden move. If the road is slippery, slow down. You will need extra time to stop in poor weather, and if you are traveling too fast for conditions, you could easily lose control of your vehicle, even if you have four-wheel drive.

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, contact the police as soon as possible. This ensures that a police report will be created, which will be important if there are any questions about who was responsible for causing the accident. Motorists should also attempt to determine if there were any witnesses to the crash, or if there is any other evidence which will demonstrate what factors led to the accident.

Those parties who have suffered an injury in the crash should seek medical attention, even if they feel the injuries are not serious. Back, shoulder, neck and other internal injuries can be difficult to diagnose, and may not present symptoms until long after the crash. If too much time passes, it can be challenging to connect the injuries to the collision.

After you have received treatment for your injuries, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney to begin preparing your claims for compensation against the responsible parties. This may cover the medical expenses that you may have, any missed time from work as a result of the injuries as well as any damage to your personal property.

Often, the insurers of the other parties in the crash will contact you very soon after the accident in the hopes that you will want to settle your claims. They may be extremely aggressive in their efforts to get you to accept their offer, and you may feel pressure to agree to their conditions. You need to understand that this will release those drivers from any future liability, which could be very problematic should your condition deteriorate while you are receiving the medical care that you need.

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