Practice Area Category: Car Accident Injuries

$275,000 – Recovered

We recovered $275,000 for a woman on a bus, in a motorized sit down scooter. She was not strapped in to the scooter or the scooter to the bus, as the bus approached a roundabout a pickup truck failed to yield causing the bus to stop suddenly. Our client fell out of her chair, breaking a hip. It was determined that bus had failed to properly strap our client in.

$325,000 – Recovered

We recovered $325,000 for a woman who was in two car wrecks three months apart that caused severe concussions with lasting symptoms both times. The case got complicated when the client’s insurance company was not accepting her treatment as reasonable. We kept fight and filed suit to have a full determination of benefits made, and as a result got her insurance company to offer its entire policy limit!

$509,000 – Recovered

Our client was in a head-on collision causing facial injuries. The negligent driver’s insurance company offered $11,000 before filing suit and with a jury we were able to return a verdict almost 50X what that company offered!

$527,391 – Recovered

Our client was rear-ended by a drunk driver with no insurance. Through investigating we were able to uncover the client got intoxicated at work, so we recovered against the driver’s workplace instead!

$561,620 – Recovered

A drunk driver that had no insurance injured our clients. We were able to recover over $560,000 from the bar that unlawfully served the intoxicated driver!

$575,000 Recovered

Our client was making a left turn in a snowstorm when the Defendant, failing to realize that the light had turned red, broadsided our client. Our client had to treat to numerous providers and were honored to assist them in recovering what was lost.

$650,000 Recovered

Our client was in a warehouse picking up a load to distribute, when the forklift operator failed to safely operate it and dropped load that ended up injuring our client. We were able to figure out why the load fell and get a settlement for client!

$925,000 Recovered

Our client was rear-ended by an inattentive driver. It was an honor serve this Veteran.

$1.65 Million – Recovered

A mother and daughter were driving on the highway when they were in a rear-end collision. They suffered multiple injuries that required numerous treatments with medical providers spanning different states. Our staff were able to take on the large world-wide corporation that caused the accident and recover a $1.65 million settlement!