Kenny and Kev Variety Show

Take 3 Colorado natives … one Lawyer, one Bassist and one Veterinarian and what do you get? A hilarious and musically enchanting variety show! One wouldn’t think so from this recipe but the ingredients aren’t just what they seem.

Kenny and Kev Variety Show
Featuring Michael Sawaya
August, 20 th at 8:00pm
Oriental Theater – Denver, CO
Tickets – $17.50

Michael Sawaya of The Sawaya Law Firm not only has practiced law for the past 34 years but has also played the saxophone since he was a child and the flute since he was 21 years old. He met Kenny Passarelli at Smiley Jr. High School when John F. Kennedy was still the President! Increased practicing in recent years has dramatically increased his musicability. He has played three performances with Kenny, including one at the beginning of the year which hosted a release party for his book, Turbulence in the River. The performances have been well received by audiences of trained musicians.

Kenny Passarelli is one of the 1 st bassists in the history of bass guitar to play a fretless bass and began when he played with Joe Walsh at Barnstorm. He has played with some of the best: Russ Kunkel, Joe Vitale, Dan Fogelberg and his big break came when Joe Walsh introduced him to Elton John. Kenny Passarelli toured with Elton John until Elton halted his touring for a lengthy period in the 1970s.. He now is a phenomenal composer and pianist and is set to play this Saturday, August 20 th at the Oriental Theater for the Kenny and Kev Variety Show. Kenny will be playing a few of his incredible songs, some never heard before!

The “Kev” in the Kenny and Kev Variety Show is none other than Kevin Fitzgerald from Animal Plant – Emergency Vets. Kevin Fitzgerald is not only a board certified vet at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital but also is a stand up comedian. Fitzgerald remembered that “Everybody laughed when I said I wanted to do comedy” then noted dryly, “but no one’s laughing now.”

Join these three amazing Coloradans this Saturday, August 20 th at the Oriental Theater in Denver, CO for a night of eclectic fun from music and comedy to Irish dancing and skateboarding pigs! The recipe couldn’t get more interesting!

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Michael established The Sawaya Law Firm in 1977 and built it into one of the largest personal injury law firms in Colorado, with more than 20 lawyers and 80 staff members serving clients from five offices located in Denver, Greeley and Colorado Springs. Throughout its history, the firm has stayed true to its 12 Core Values, which emphasize excellence in advocacy and a commitment to providing outstanding client service. Michael studied sociology and economics as an undergraduate student at The Colorado College, and he earned his law degree from the Texas Tech University School of Law. In addition to being involved in several legal and community organizations, Michael enjoys playing music and cooking, and he has written a book on spiritual matters.