How to File for Social Security Disability Benefits

Filling up social security disability form.

If you’re confused by the “red tape” that surrounds Social Security and you need to file for benefits, you may not know or understand how to do so–or what will be expected of you once you do file. If you’ve found yourself in that particular situation, here’s some general information we hope will help.

If you are disabled and wish to apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, you may do so as soon as you are no longer working due to an impairment that will last at least 12 months or more. All you need to do is call the national Social Security office at 866-701-7302 and set up an appointment for an in-person or a telephone interview at your local branch. If you’d rather, you can also complete the application online at their Website.

During the interview, make sure to provide the local Social Security office with the names and addresses of all the doctors you have been seeing, as well as any other information that could assist them in deciding your case, such as medical records and diagnoses. You may also be asked to see a doctor or doctors of the Social Security office’s choosing. It is very important to attend these appointments, so make sure you cooperate by going.

It currently takes about four to six months for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to decide whether or not you qualify for benefits. Don’t get discouraged if you are initially denied, as this happens often.

If you are denied, you will then be given 65 days from the date of that decision to file an appeal–which you may do on your own or with the help of a Social Security Disability lawyer. This type of attorney is trained to ensure your appeal is filed timely and complete.

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