The Sawaya Law Firm Provides Free Auto Accident Recovery Kits

The Sawaya Law firm is offering a free auto accident recovery kit for Colorado drivers

Car accidents are a tragically common experience in Colorado and across the country. The likelihood is that most motorists will be involved in a crash at some point during their lives.

Nothing can truly prepare you for the chaos that follows an accident. However, thanks to The Sawaya Law Firm, there is one thing you can do in advance, to prepare for the unfortunate event you are involved in a crash.


  • Request a Free Auto Accident Kit from The Sawaya Law Firm. Our firm will send you a free kit that you can keep in your vehicle. It includes a disposable 24-exposure color camera with flash, a post-accident instruction card, a flashlight and battery, a pen and a 15-by-18 personal belongings bag with handle.

All of these items, yours for free, will be useful if you are in a car accident in Denver or elsewhere in Colorado.

  • The disposable camera can take the place of a broken cell phone.
  • A flashlight may be necessary depending on the time of the accident.
  • Writing down insurance information, license plates, and descriptions of your surroundings and injuries will be easier with our Auto Accident Guide and pen.
  • Gathering your belongings is easy with our large plastic bag w/handles.

Get help from a lawyer without delay. Colorado has complex insurance laws. Insurance company adjusters and the insurer’s lawyers know them well. They deal with them every day, but this may be the first time you have faced the aftermath of a serious car accident. You need someone on your side that also has a thorough understanding of car accident laws and is ready to fight for your right to full compensation for your injuries and other losses. The personal injury attorneys at The Sawaya Law Firm have the experience and dedication to help you.

Contact us today for your Free Auto Accident Kit. And if you’re ever injured in a car accident, call us at 303-GOOD-LAW immediately for a free consultation about your legal options and rights.


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