E-Cigarette Explosions - Can You Sue For The Faulty Products?

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The Sawaya Law Firm is currently investigating cases involving severe injuries caused by exploding e-cigarette devices and exploding e-cigarette batteries. These explosions have been linked to faulty e-cigarette products, defective lithium-ion batteries, and insufficient warnings for users. With few regulations to ensure their safety, e-cigarette devices have been aggressively marketed and sold in stores throughout the United States. Here’s what you need to know –

Who has been hurt?

With a rapid rise in 2013 and continuing to triple every year, the reports of people injured by e-cigarette explosions has reached catastrophic levels. Hundreds of reports of facial disfigurement, whole-body burns, painful skin-grafting surgeries, and amputation are just an introduction to the devastation these explosions can inflict on hapless consumers.

E-Cigarette Explosions

How do e-cigarette explosions happen?

An e-cig is a fairly simple device. A heating element vaporizes the liquid solution (the “juice”) in the atomizing cartridge. Some have an on/off switch; others heat automatically when the user takes a drag.

“The electrolyte inside the battery is basically the equivalent of gasoline,” explains Venkat Viswanathan, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. “So when these batteries short out, there’s a surge of heat that causes this flammable electrolyte to combust and explode.”

Can you sue for faulty products?

When consumers are harmed by dangerous and defective products, such as e-cigarette explosions, we believe the responsible parties should be held accountable. Products can be dangerous as a result of design defects, manufacturing defects, or inadequate warnings provided to consumers. Depending on the circumstances, designers, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, or retailers may be liable for the injuries their defective products cause.

If you have been injured in an e-cigarette or vaping explosion, or have been hurt by any other dangerous or defective product, contact our firm for a free case consultation. We will be happy to advise you of the types of damages you may be entitled to claim.

Our practice at The Sawaya Law Firm is devoted exclusively to accident, injury, and disability matters. Our Colorado product liability lawyers will work hard to help you to seek to recover compensation to pay for the medical care and other financial compensation you deserve after defective product injuries.


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