Douglas County Trash Collector's Death Ruled Accidental

When we think of workers’comp, most of us understand that kind of claim can entail a wide variety of situations and injuries an employed person might endure or suffer in the course of performing his or her job. The truth of that point was recently illustrated in a situation that occurred near Denver involving a Douglas County trash collector.

Brian Rojas, 40, was accidentally killed when he leaned out of his rolling trash truck and used his hand to move a wheeled trash can that was blocking the truck’s path. According to, Rojas fell to the ground and landed under the wheels of the truck, injuring him severely. Though he was conscious, speaking and lucent immediately following the accident, Rojas’s condition worsened later in the day, and he died.

Though this may seem an unusual situation, anyone can be injured anywhere on any type of job, whether they’re maintaining city streets, collecting the trash, or even sitting behind a desk working. In fact, a variety of situations can occur in which people hurt themselves on the job. At that point, it’s up to each individual to recognize their injury as soon as possible, report it to their employer, and work with the employer to rectify the situation and get immediate treatment to help restore their health.

When an employer is unwilling to work with an employee to remedy injuries sustained on the job, it may be time to contact a Workers’ Comp attorney, like those at The Sawaya Law Firm. This type of specially trained lawyer can help ensure the employer provides the resources necessary to pay the medical bills that result from on-the-job injury, and help return the person back to life as they knew it before being injured.

Money and legal benefits can never replace the loved one that the Rojas family has lost in this horrible and freak accident. However, workers’ compensation benefits are there to help soften the financial blow. The Sawaya Law Firm is there to help with those benefits, as we have been doing for over 35 years. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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