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What To Do After a Bird Electric Scooter Accident

November 15, 2018 by The Sawaya Law Firm

Man riding his electric scooter so fast.

In recent months, you may have noticed the electric scooter craze that has taken Denver by storm. Electric scooter companies like Bird and LimeBike (Lime) offer users the option of renting the scooters for trips of various lengths. Using an app, users can locate scooters, unlock them, start the ride and then park the scooter at a location of their choice (there are no designated drop-off or pick-up points for the scooters). They can then pay for the ride by using their phone.

In Denver, roughly 2,000 electric scooters are maintained by five companies, including Bird and Lime. When these scooters first hit the city, officials weren’t sure how to regulate them. They even banned them for a short period of time. Now, the scooters are back with new regulations. Still, those who use the scooters and are involved in a crash may have questions about what to do next. If you have been in an accident while riding a Bird scooter, Lime scooter or other electric scooter brand, here is an overview of things to do and steps to take.

What Should I Do After a Bird Electric Scooter Accident?

The first thing that you should do after an electric scooter accident is to get to a safe area, especially if you were riding in the road at the time of the accident. By staying within the road, you increase your risk of being involved in a secondary accident. Try to move yourself and the scooter to a space that is off the road and away from passing traffic.

Check on Anyone Else Involved in the Accident

Electric scooter accidents may involve the scooter and a motor vehicle, another scooter, a pedestrian, a cyclist, a skateboarder or even a motorcyclist. In fact, because many scooter riders are unsure of where they are supposed to ride – the street, a bike lane or the sidewalk – the chances of something other than a motor vehicle being involved in a collision are high. After a crash occurs, and you have moved yourself and your scooter to a safe location, you should immediately check on anyone else involved in the accident and assess for injuries. If anyone has been seriously injured, including yourself, you should not wait to call for emergency medical care.

Call the Police

It is important that you report the electric scooter accident to the police. This is especially true if the accident has resulted in bodily injury to anyone involved, or if any property damage has occurred. When the police arrive, be sure to provide accurate details about the accident and ask for a copy of the police report. If you decide not to call the police to the scene, be sure to file a police report as soon as possible.

Gather Information While You Wait for Officers to Arrive

You can make use of the time that you have to wait for officers to arrive by gathering information about the other parties involved in the accident and collecting evidence pertinent to the accident. You should get the other party’s name and, if they were driving a motor vehicle, you should get the party’s license plate number, driver’s license number and insurance information. Y

ou should also get the names and contact information of any witnesses to the accident and take photos of the accident scene and any damages. Jotting down a few notes about the accident in a notebook or in your smartphone can also help you to remember key details later on.

Seek Medical Care

If you don’t receive medical attention at the scene of the accident, you should visit an emergency room after filing a police report. At the very least, you should see your family doctor within 24 hours of the accident.

Even if you don’t feel seriously injured, having documentation of medical care after a crash can be important during the claims process – especially if injuries present themselves later on. Sometimes, injuries are not apparent immediately such as internal injuries, soft tissue injuries and traumatic brain injuries – especially when adrenaline levels are high.

Talk to a Lawyer

In a car, bike or pedestrian accident, you may have a pretty clear understanding of your rights, how liability works and which insurance company should handle your accident and injury claim. Because the use of electric scooters is a relatively new phenomenon, you may be less sure of what your rights are or who is liable for a crash. This is why you should schedule a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer following an accident as soon as possible.

Generally, liability for an electric scooter accident – much like other accident types – is based on negligence. In other words, whoever’s fault caused the accident likely will be responsible for paying damages. So, if a driver was distracted and hit you when you had the right of way, you would likely file a claim through that driver’s liability insurance policy. Other potentially liable parties could include the scooter manufacturer, a party responsible for road or sidewalk maintenance or another third party.

Our Denver Electric Scooter Accident Lawyers Can Help You

If you have been hurt while riding an electric scooter in Denver, you may be confused about your legal options and unsure about who will pay for the economic and non-economic harm that you have suffered. At Sawaya Law Firm, our Denver electric scooter accident lawyers can help you. We will start by reviewing your case free of charge and walking you through the different routes for pursuing compensation.

If you decide to work with us, we will advocate for you on a contingency fee basis and work hard to seek a full and fair settlement amount. We are experienced negotiators and litigators who are passionate about what we do. Contact us today to learn more.  

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