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Bethany Boston Johnson Accepts Father’s Posthumous Award for Freedom

September 13, 2011 by The Sawaya Law Firm

Colonel Leo Boston was a brave man. A proud member of the U.S. Air Force, he lost his life in 1966 Vietnam flying a craft that rescued a fellow service member from the hands of the enemy. The fully loaded A1E Sky Raider he piloted was shot down without proper ejection equipment on board, and Col. Boston went down with the plane.

Six weeks later, his family began receiving letters written by their fallen loved one several times a day. What a legacy and example of sacrifice Col. Boston was!

This man’s heroic measure to save his comrade’s life was recently commended at an awards ceremony in Denver in which his daughter, Bethany Boston Johnson, accepted the Sawaya Law Firm’s Values Award of freedom on his behalf.

Her father’s sacrifice made quite an impression on young Bethany.

“The last thing I remember my father telling me before he went to Vietnam,” Bethany says, “is Bethany, sometimes you just have to be courageous,” as he held her in his arms and said goodbye. She says she didn’t understand the significance of the statement at the time, but it has always stuck in her mind, and she hopes she has become courageous like her father, as a result.

Because Col. Boston gave his life and freedom for another, “I know it wasn’t in vain,” Bethany says.

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