A Thanksgiving Message from Mike Sawaya

Mike Sawaya

This time of Thanksgiving is different than many we have had for the last few decades.  Now we are all facing the threat of an invisible pathogen that we are trying hard to avoid.   Maybe we lost a loved one and certainly we have missed seeing many loved ones and friends due to quarantine and social distancing.  We’ll have smaller Thanksgiving gatherings, if we have them at all.  So, should we take the time to remember our blessings, give thanks for what we have, and look forward to better times, or should we just sit down and wrap ourselves in sadness?

Frankly, I am going to do both.  I am going to give thanks for all you, and the health of you who are staying healthy.   I am going to be grateful for those I knew and who have left this sphere, or even left my friendship.  I am going to be sad that so many people have lost their lives or become ill.   I am going to be sad for those who have lost their jobs or who are barely scraping by.   I am going to stay as aware as I can of the suffering around us.

I am also going to search for the goodness that I know will persist and prevail!   I am going to embrace the loved ones I have and reach out in all the ways I can to let them all know how very special they are.  I am going to be grateful for the chance to prevail, even though there have been evident failures.  I am going to be grateful for the planet that still supports us even with the unnecessary damage we have done to it.

So Happy Thanksgiving!!  If you have some sadness too, reach out and tell somebody because all of us with a heart are feeling it, and talking about it can help.   I know that collectively we will make it to another Thanksgiving, so let’s journey on!