$8,500 Donation to Local Non-Profit Orchestrated by The Sawaya Law Firm

Sawaya Law Firm Orchestrates Donation to Legal Non-Profit Organization, Towards Justice

Today, The Sawaya Law Firm presented a check for $8,500 to the legal non-profit organization, Towards Justice. Why would one of the most successful law firms in Colorado orchestrate a donation of this size to a non-profit organization like Towards Justice? The truth is inspiring.

In two recent Colorado court decisions, district court judges have approved the payment of unclaimed funds in wage and hour class actions to Towards Justice, a Colorado non-profit that provides legal services to low-wage workers who have not been paid what they are owed under the wage and hour laws.

Typically in class action settlements, unclaimed funds are given back to the at-fault company. Instead of those unclaimed funds going back to the defendants, today at the offices of Towards Justice, David H. Miller, the lead class action attorney for the plaintiffs in both of the cases, presented checks totaling approximately $8,500 in unclaimed funds to the Executive Director of Towards Justice, Nina DiSalvo, to help support the work Towards Justice does in assisting low wage workers to be paid what they are owed.

Headed by attorney David H. Miller, former Legal Director for the ACLU of Colorado, the Wage and Hour team’s approach to legal work reflects their values. “In the U.S, if we mean what we say about the need to increase the number of American jobs and support the working class, then employers must pay their workers the wages they are owed,” said Miller. “We proudly represent those many workers who have little power within our system; to see to it that they are paid what the law says is theirs.”

Sawaya Law Firm Orchestrates Donation to Legal Non-Profit Organization, Towards Justice

David Miller

“I hope these donations encourage other attorneys to adopt this same approach in the lawsuits they are bringing so that money from class action judgments and settlements stops going back to the wrong-doers,” says Miller. “We’re spearheading this effort to strengthen Colorado’s working communities, so that through the work Towards Justice does we can help others who are not directly our clients but who are also being treated unfairly at work.”


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